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Best 5 disinfectant manufacturers
November 14, 2020

Alliance World – Driven by the Culture of Performance

Taking over from his father Mr. O. P Nagpal in 1980, Founder & CEO of Alliance Formulations, Mr. Anil Nagpal is a champion in logistics and manufacturing. He steered the company towards new technologies, development and growth. To begin with, taking good care of the workers & staff was the top priority for Mr. Anil who believes in the power of ‘Team Work’. His belief in the dictum – “If you want to achieve, work hard …but if you want to grow, work along,” has taken Alliance Formulations to new heights. Under his leadership, the company stands as a leading powerhouse for research, development & manufacturing of hygiene products.

Mr. Anil concludes, “To bring about a paradigm shift in the way these products are sold by adopting new technologies, working closely with users in order to make usage convenient and effective and also use I.T., to strengthen supply chain management which is important in a large country like ours, so that the products reach maximum people at optimal costs.